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What People are saying about Tricia's Pet Care:

“We are fortunate to have found an outstanding care giver for our cat Zoomie. Tricia is a trusted professional with a deep love for animals. We can leave our home knowing she is 100% responsible and we will return to a very, very, happy pet. We give Tricia our highest recommendation.”
~Anne and David - kitty parents

“Tricia has my complete trust”
~Marlene - dog mom

“Thanks for all your compassion and care for my cat over the years.”
~Steve - kitty dad

“I'm excited and relieved Tricia's Pet Care will be taking care of my cat. I know my cat will get the best possible care.”
~Linda - kitty mom

“Thank you so much for the peace of mind!” Gretel was calm and relaxed upon my return. Thanks for rearranging your schedule to fit my schedule!
~Julie - dog mom
“Knowing I don't have to worry about my kitties is a godsend. I'm so glad you are here.”
~Cynthia - kitty mom

“We have every kind of critter--it's a mini farm. We rarely get time away because we had no one to take on the care of details of this many critters. Our neighbor told us to call Tricia's Pet Care. Tricia came over and we went over all the information on caring for goats, ducks, chickens, horses dogs, cats , gerbil and outdoor bird feeders. She handled everything for us-- now we call Tricia every time we decide to go away. She's been caring for our pets and critters for 8 years now!!
B and G - critter mom and dad

“Gonna miss our kitties but we know they are in good hands.”
~Land P

“Thanks a million---we couldn't do it without you.” And thanks another Million for adjusting to our crazy schedule.”
~T and M - dog mom and dad

“Thanks for all you do for me. My Mom and Dad never worry when they know you are coming to take care of me.”
~Succa (dog)

“It was comforting knowing our pets were well cared for and everything was “top drawer” when we returned.
~TB - dog dad

“Tricia, I think of how you “take care” in all you do--it's a great gift to all of those around you.” Thank you from one of “those.”
~Elysa - dog mom

“Thanks for taking care of our baby (dog).” You know exactly how we feel about only trusting her with very very special people!
~M - dog mom

“We had a death in our family and had to leave suddenly. Our vet told us to contact Tricia's Pet Care. We did and we left the next morning with total confidence that pets and home would be well cared for while we were away! We returned with sadness over the loss of our mom but our pets and home were happy and content making us realize the value of a true pet care professional!
~Mary - dog and kitty mom

“We really appreciate your care and your help--your wonderful pet care is priceless.”
~AJ - dog dad

“Thank you for making me feel so special.”
~Angie (dog)

“We can't thank you enough. Your willingness to take care of our pets, with all their meds and special diets and needs has given us a chance to be able to take trips and relax while we're gone. You are very important to our family.”
~D and G - dog mom and dad

Thanks Tricia! It truly is peace of mind knowing you are taking care of our kitties!”
~DK - kitty dad

“Thanks for visiting my girls--love them for me while I'm away!”
~CP - kitty mom

Our sweet old dog passed and now all we have is the outdoor critters to spoil: birds, deer and bunnies. Tricia came over and took care of them while we were away! Her team carried food to the feeders, provided fresh water and put out treats--everyone was happy throughout the winter days we were away-- thanks to Tricia.”
E and T - critter parents

“We want you to know how much we appreciate your reliable love and care of our precious pets.”
~C and C - dog, cat, and pet rat parents

”While out of town, strong winds blew a tree down across our driveway. Did that stop Tricia from taking care of our pets? NEVER! She arranged for tree to be removed and pets were seamlessly cared for without interruption.”
~S - dog and cat mom

Thanks for helping with my sweet dog he is so happy and that makes my days at work even better.”
~CC - dog mom

“Thanks for walking with me.”
~Brodie (dog)

“Thanksgiving and a new puppy and we needed to go back east to visit family. What to do? We had a neighbor tell us about Tricia's Pet Care-- We called and one of Tricia's pet care professionals stayed in our home doting on our new puppy through the entire Thanksgiving holiday weekend. What a relief to go and know she was in capable hands in the comfort of her own home. Tricia's pet care provider worked with her on her potty training and chewing--happy puppy at home when we returned.”
~LL - dog parent

“Everything was perfect when I got home--many thanks to you.” Over the years, Tricia, you've become a very important member of our family!
~SM - dog and kitty mom

Power outage didn't deter Tricia's Pet Care…Tricia took our pets and fish home with her to make sure everyone kept warm enough till the power in our area was restored.”
~Leslie - dog, kitty and fish mom

“My cat likes to roam during the day and sometimes he doesn't come home for dinner and to go in for the night. Thank you Tricia's Pet Care for caring enough for my boy that you made 3 extra trips to my house until late at night to try and get him in for the night.” That's my kinda pet care professional.”
~B - cat mom

“My husband was deployed and I am disabled-- I needed care for my cats. Tricia's Pet Care Team took care of my kitties-- and there was no charge. Tricia donated all her pet care services in honor of my husband serving our country.”
~BJ - dog mom

“Thanks for coming over--it makes me feel lots better knowing you're here to check on my boys.”
~MG - kitty mom

“You are our new best friend--we love you lots.”
~M and C (kitties)

“We really appreciate you.” You make it possible for us to get away.”
~L and S - kitty parents

“Halloween-- and we had to be away from home. We live in a small community where all the kids know our black kitty. We wanted our kitty to have someone there with him for the evening and to pass out Halloween goodies in our absence. Tricia came over, dressed in Halloween costume and was there with our kitty for the evening passing out treats to the neighbor trick-or-treaters and providing our kitty with a lovely evening.”
~M - kitty mom

“Everyday my sweet pug seems very calm and happy when I get home. Thank You . It makes my day feel good knowing he is in good hands.”
~C - pug mom

“Thank you, Tricia! You always take such good care of our girl(kitty).”
~L - kitty dad

“Thanks so much for taking care of my kitties. My health is improving with knowing they have such great care.
~R - kitty mom

“What dedication! Our long driveway was impassable and Tricia's Pet Care Team parked and trekked through the snow to take care of our pets and outdoor critters while we were far away on a sunny vacation! Tricia's Pet Care has our “forever” gratitude and endorsement. Tricia's Pet Care has taken “above and beyond” pet care to a new level.”
~BJ - dog, kitty, outdoor critter mom

“Our precious dog passed away. We didn't need pet care anymore. However, we go away each winter and needed someone to check on our house throughout the winter. Tricia's took care of everything for us! We had a report every week on the “happiness” of our house.”
~JS -

We had to be gone out of the country for three months. Our kitty needed love, attention and care. Question: Would she be ok for that long? Answer: Absolutely and indeed!! Tricia's Pet Care Team to the rescue! They visited, fed, brushed, played games, changed the music and animal channel stations for our kitty to have background sounds and with some flower essences for anxiety (recommended by Tricia who is a certified aromatherapist and flower essence specialist). We used light therapy, rotating lights and light intensity to provide a loving environment-- three months passed and our darling kitty was happy, serene and amazingly happy upon our return.”
`S and C - kitty parents

“I had a medical emergency and called 911 for an ambulance to come. I had to be admitted into the hospital to stay the night for observation -- there was no one to take care of my dogs. I called Tricia's Pet Care and they went over, took care of my dogs, secured my home, and took care of things until I was released from the hospital the next day.”
JD - dog dad

“We were at a party and decided to spend the night in town. We called Tricia's Pet Care at the last minute and Tricia was able to send a team member over to stay the night with our dogs. We came home the next day to happy pups!”
~JJ - dog parents

“I needed Tricia to go with me when I had my very old kitty euthanized--she has been its caretaker for years. Tricia went with me and a very sad and horrible experience was softened by her presence.”
~NL - kitty mom

“We had left our home and dogs for the evening and I had the sudden realization that I had left the iron turned on in our home. I panicked and was about to tell my husband we had to return home immediately--when I thought of calling Tricia. She sent one of her pet care professionals to my home to unplug the iron and check on our dogs. I was able to enjoy the evening out with my husband knowing all was fine at home.”
~ SJ - dog mom

“My dog was injured when it was run over by a truck. He needed assistance every day midday to stand up and walk outside to potty. My husband and I had to be at work all day. I called Tricia upon the recommendation of my vet. She came every day throughout his recover to assist him in walking outside to potty and get a drink of water. We didn't think we would find anyone that would help us out with him--what a true Gift she has been to us~
~BM - dog mom

“I do volunteer animal rescue which can involve an unpredictable schedule. My very old dog at home needed to go out to potty several times during the day--and I was many hours away from home and uncertain when I would be returning. Tricia's Pet Care Team made themselves available on very short notice to go over and get my old guy out for potty time and give him fresh water and lots of TLC. Tricia didn't charge a fee for her service. She donated her service to helping me as I helped the animals! What a lovely gift to the animals she is!”
~LM - dog mom

“Tricia had been taking care of my dogs for several years. Taking them out for play and exercise each midday while I was at work. One day, she called me from my home and told me our old dog had come over to her and was telling her something with full eye contact and emphatic body language. Tricia pays attention to every detail and called me to report his unusual behavior. I told Tricia I would check him out when I got home that night. I decided to take him to the vet the next day and very sadly, upon examination, the vet determined he had a very fast progressing cancer and most likely would not live longer than a month. Deeply saddened I returned home with him and made the decision to take some time off work to be with him through his final days. I'm eternally grateful to Tricia for her amazing awareness and perception--thanks to her I was able to spend quality time with my dear pet before he passed.”
~LC - dog mom

“My dog is terribly afraid of loud noises--especially fireworks. Each year it is horrible for him when holidays such as July 4th roll around. Tricia suggested a flower essence for calming and a special coat (thunder shirt) for him to wear that would help keep him calm. She also came by to check on him and be there with him while we went to a picnic with friends. We came home to a sleeping boy oblivious to any noises going on outside. We are forever grateful to Tricia.”
~GG - dog mom

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