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How Much Does Pet Sitting Cost?

Almost the first question people ask is "How much does pet sitting/dog walking/overnight-in-my-home pet care cost?"

This is when we dive in to some discovery questions in order to provide the best answer possible.  Each pet and its care is unique.   Care components of taking care of 10 hummingbird feeders versus 4 labs, three kitties and 10 chickens will be different! Care components for puppies, senior pets, ill pets and pets with behavior challenges will be different!

Tricia's Proven Method for Determining Your Pet Care Rate:

As many of you know, quarterly I research pet care rates across the country. On an ongoing basis I am in contact with pet care providers across the country through being a member of the professional organization : Pet Sitter's International
I take a look at what other professional pet care providers charge and I use this information to adjust my rates accordingly.

Typically the way rates are determined is based on the following information:

  1. Where the client lives. Sometimes clients that live outside of Tricia's Pet Care "territory" pay a fuel/travel time surcharge.
  2. How many pets are in the home? Outside the home? Are there outside critters (cows, chickens, ducks bird feeders, etc.)? Are there other things such as plant watering, bird baths to fill poop scooping to be done? Do your pets need meds administered? Injections? Fluids? Do your pets eat food that requires extra time cooking and/or preparing?
  3. How long will you be away? Sometimes package rates are available for extended trips or when several pet care visits to your home per day are required.
  4. Time. Sometimes the length of time a pet care professional spends with your pet is how your rate is determined. Tricia's Pet Care Motto: "We stay till the job is done!"

There are many ways pet care professionals arrive at their prices. Tricia's Pet Care is proud to report that we never quote a rate for our services without having met you and your pets and only after we know every detail about your pet and its care will a rate be provided. Many times package rates and other discounts are available!

Want to know what Tricia's Pet Care prices are? We'd love to tell you. To help us pinpoint it please give us a call to discuss what rate is best for you and your pets! Your pet care budget and what is best for your pets is ultimately how your rate is determined.

Tricia's Pet Care Promise: We create WITH you the best rate for the care of your precious pet.

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